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The RCIA program is the process for adults to inquire and learn about the Roman Catholic Church. It is
designed to assist each individual in their faith journey and to help them discern where the Holy Spirit is leading them.


For many, this process will culminate at the Easter Vigil, when they are received into the Church.


A candidate is anyone inquiring into the Catholic faith and those already baptized.  They will receive the sacraments of Initiation, except Baptism.
A catechumen is a non-baptized person continuing their faith formation and seeking to join the Roman Catholic Church.
The elect are catechumens preparing to receive the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.

Who is RCIA for?

Those not baptized who desire to respond to God's invitation to eternal life both here and hereafter

What is the process?

Image by James Coleman

How can you help?

The parishioners of our parish are an essential part of the process for people seeking to join the Roman Catholic Church. As Christians, we are called by our baptism to evangelize others, share the good news,


The first way to do this is to pray for those who have joined RCIA, asking the Lord to guide them, bless them, and create in them a call to holiness, and His Church.


Parishioners can also become sponsors for the Candidates or Catechumens.  These parishioners desire to respond to God’s invitation to deepen their own spirituality by involving and investing themselves in the lives and spiritual journeys of those whom God is drawing ever more closely to Himself.


Being a sponsor allows you to be a guide and build beautiful and lasting friendships. Please give prayerful consideration to being a sponsor.

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