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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternity that lives by the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. Getting involved with the Knights is easy and rewarding; any Catholic male over 18 is eligible.

About Us

General meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the family center.

Faithful servants, whether lay or ordained, recognize that life is a journey. None of us is perfect, which is
why we seek God’s grace to mold our hearts into the image of Divine Love. We do not do this alone. We
are served by parish priests who lead us ministerially and spiritually. In particular, we in the Holy Family
Catholic Community pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire the mission of Christ and strengthen the humble service of our priests, Father James and Father Kang. We thank them, and all
ordained Clergy of our Diocese, for their unselfish service to our Community.

The Clemmons Council provides many opportunities for Catholic men to share in the life of our parish
and community.

Activities include:

➞ Various activities supporting Special Olympics
➞ Bingo. The proceeds go to Seminarians (The event is held on the second Friday after Easter) Over
$75,000.00 raised in 25 years
➞ Adopt a Highway involves bi-monthly cleaning of the entire length of Kinnamon Road for over 20 years.
➞ Joining the Pro-Life Chain in Winston-Salem and Clemmons and Supporting “40 Days for Life” efforts.
➞ Trunk or Treat
➞ LAMB Collections; To help the Intellectually Challenged
➞ Kick off picnic for the C.S.S. Hand to Hand Program
➞ Assisting the Columbiettes at the Mother-Daughter Tea
➞ The parish Easter Egg Hunt

Activities include Bocce Playing, Tailgating at Wake Forest Football Games, Dash Baseball games, and Golf on Monday Evenings.

Tanglewood Festival Parking (Festival of Lights)

Men of the parish, we ask you to share with us the special feeling that comes from being with other men and their families and serving God in your own way within the Knights of Columbus.

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