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Facilities Rental

Please read below for our policies and procedures regarding renting out Holy Family's facilities.

Policy & Procedure

To check availability and reserve a room, please contact Vicki Meyers at

Diocesan policy stipulates that Holy Family may authorize the use of its facilities only for various gatherings of parishioners, and nonprofit (501c) organizations. The parish may not authorize the use of its facilities to for-profit organizations or to individuals who are not parishioners. The person or organization using the facility is required to purchase or provide evidence of insurance.

➞ Room fees are $50.00 per room and $100.00 for use of the kitchen facilities.

➞ Rent for the Picnic Shelter is $100.00.


Representatives of groups seeking to rent Parish Activity Center Rooms must obtain a Parish Activity Center Special Event Coverage form for Special Events Insurance coverage. The form should be completed on site and a check for the rental fee attached. Fees are payable in advance.

➞ The cost is $100.00 per 24-hour event and does provide host liquor liability coverage.


Special events insurance must be in effect for any event that is not parish sponsored and the entire parish is not invited. This applies to baptismal parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, and private meetings or events. Funeral receptions are covered by diocesan insurance. The term “liquor” applies to any beverage served that contains alcohol e.g., beer, wine, or hard liquor. Events must be concluded by 9:00 PM and all guests must exit church facilities at that time.

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